Introduction / Welcome
Lesson 1: The Problem of Modern Medicine
Lesson 2: How Have We Gotten Into This Mess?
Lesson 3: Jesus as our Model
Lesson 4: The Biblical Perspective on Wholeness
Lesson 5: The Heart/ Body Relationship from the Scientific Perspective
Lesson 6: The Architecture of the Heart
Lesson 7: Heart Problems That Affect Health
Lesson 8: Sin and Its Consequences on Our Health
Lesson 9: Salvation is Not Purification
Lesson 10: What Did Jesus Accomplish for our Healing?
Lesson 11: Establishing a Caring Relationship
Lesson 12: Personal Assessment
Lesson 13: Taking a Spiritual History
Lesson 14: Praying with Sick Persons
Lesson 15: Doing a Life Review
Lesson 16: A Problem of Self-Identity
Lesson 17: Anger, Illness, and Forgiving Others
Lesson 18: Helping People Who are Carrying a Heavy Load of Stress
Lesson 19: Helping A Person Face Cancer
Lesson 20: Helping a Person Who is Grieving
Lesson 21: Helping People Cope with Bad News and Terminal Illness
Lesson 22: Practical Applications


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